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Sneakers From The Past: Goethe x AFEW

    goethe x saucony afew

    Goethe x AFEW

    We truly believe that sneakers have developed throughout the years to become a form of art, a way to display creativity and inspirations. This is what’s happening right now, across many brands and sectors.

    AFEW has been on the rise in 2017, releasing super limited collaborations with Diadora and Le Coq Sportif, making campers and internet-gods worldwide go nuts. Will this drop be the same?

    Inspired by poetry

    No official pictures have been released, yet, but we had an early access to a few details. Their next collaboration takes inspiration from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, a world famous artist, and poet, and by the Goethe Museum in Dusseldorf – right around the corner from AFEW‘s physical shop.

    There will be an event held on September 2 that will bring together a local jazz band and a few poetry-slammers. Have a look at the pictures and get an idea where the whole inspiration came from.

    Of course, let us know what you think down in the comment section and learn a bit more about Afew.