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Move Without Barriers With Filling Pieces

    Filling Pieces fall winter 17

    Filling Pieces: more quality footwear

    Filling Pieces has been on the rise for quite a while and honestly speaking, not much has changed. This is the second drop of the F/W collection inspired by a nomadic clan from Mongolia, the Dukha People.

    The Dutch premium-footwear brand came together to release new silhouettes with minimal changes on classics like the Runner model. In addition, they came to the conclusion that an update was needed.

    However, maintaining their DNA intact; those same updates will include heat-fused materials in their Low Top Ghost Seamless.

    As mentioned above, their main inspiration came from the Dukha People. But, when it comes to footwear itself, the Low Plasma Heel Cap Orbit takes further inspiration from vintage basketball court-kicks.

    Furthermore, and preparing you for the upcoming season, they have also launched the High Fiel Boot Sky Tsaatan and the Peak Boot Heel Cap Storm. Take a look at the video and pictures below and let us know what’s your favorite pair down in the comment section.

    Plus, head over to their website to find out more.