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Reebok Classic Leather Utility Red / Pebble

    Reebok Classic Leather Utility Red / Pebble

    Reebok classic goes red

    It is all about the red with this new Reebok Classic Leather Utility. The classic Reebok model gets this fresh version for the upcoming spring collection.

    It comes with a suede and mesh upper. The archetypal stadium red color pretty much is just the right contrast for the sandtrap color on the side.

    Reebok Classic Leather: Since 1983

    The Reebok Classic Leather was originally released back in 1983. By then, Reebok basically delivered an “upgraded” version of other models previously released, just like the Reebok Aztec.

    The Classic Leather came out as the ideal take, a runner made with leather, with superior quality. Reebok’s goal was to deliver a running shoe, and in fact, they did.

    Even though the CL was, in fact, ideal for running, the truth is that soon after the shoe was adopted by all kinds of people. The Classic Leather went way beyond a simple reach towards sports and running fans only.

    Throughout the years, a distinct number of sneaker aficionados, groups and celebrities adopted the Classic Leather as their own. Once made for the running tracks, the Classic Leather is nowadays one of the most important shoes of all Reebok’s catalog.

    The Reebok Classic Leather Utility Red / Pebble can be found now at the Overkill Shop.

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