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Reebok Classic Leather

    Reebok Classic leather

    Happy Birthday Reebok Classic Leather

    The Reebok Classic Leather is celebrating 30 years. Just like the Reebok Club C 85, the model is an all-time classic.

    The commemoration of three decades of the classic has taken Reebok all over the world. The celebrating tour includes developing and delivering some of the most interesting collaborations of the year with a series of selected stores.

    The new takes of the Classic Leather are among the latest available. The Classic Leather Salvaged is really a tough sneaker, with an all synthetic upper for superior comfort. Additionally, the Classic Leather Lux Horween is as stylish as it gets with its Horween leather upper.

    The two models can now be found at selected stores including Titolo and also at Reebok’s official web store.

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