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Reebok Workout Plus Vintage

    Reebok Workout Plus Vintage

    Back to 1984 with the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage

    The Workout is a special sneaker for Reebok. Along with being a smooth look, the Workout marks its OG release in the same year Reebok starts its American chapter.

    Though it starts off overseas, Reebok eventually sees itself as part of a purchase from its principal owners by Paul Fireman back in 1984. Now, we see the model return as the Reebok Workout Plus Vintage.

    A clean leather upper meets the functional innovations that make up the OG. This callback to the old glory days of Reebok is a symbol of a once exercise-obsessed American culture.

    So, it’s a competent mix of style, durability, and fit. Particularly worthy of note is the lateral support strap that takes on an H-shape. Check out this piece of vintage Reebok history over at MATE Store.

    While here, make sure to check out a brief history of the Reebok Club C.

    Reebok Workout Plus Vintage