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Soft Shoe Stuff by Hardgraft

    Hardgraft Soft Shoe Stuff

    Sneakers and shoes on point with Hardgraft

    Soft Shoe Stuff by Hardgraft: a real winner for all sneaker fans. Also for all hardcore sneaker collectors and overall people that want to keep their shoes the best way possible.

    If you are a footwear aficionado, we all know that you like to keep every single pair of yours tidy and in shape. Instead of going to Ikea and buy that awful 1€ shoe-tree, maybe you should have a look at Hardgraft.

    This is where the Soft Shoe Stuff comes in, allowing you to keep your favorite pair neat and protected. Sure, it may sound weird, somehow, but just keep reading.

    The Soft Shoe Stuff is no more than a pair of grey melange shoe stuffer. Just slide them into your sneakers and voilà. In addition, it comes with a protective and softly brushed fabric bag.

    Featuring their moto “HOLD ON TO THE GOOD” in raised puffed print, it does not get any better than this. And guess what, if it goes dirty, just put them in the washing machine. Simple, is it not?

    Soft Shoe Stuff by Hardgraft

    Made in Italy accessories for you to feel good

    Even their website makes you feel good. And calm, for all that matters. Plain and simple, just how we like it. Keeping it casual, yet stylish and affordable, their range is mostly seen in hues of browns, greys, whites and blacks.

    They say it themselves, as Hardgraft “is a juxtaposition of two opposites, it’s a combination of textures, creating a tension whilst staying balanced and pure. Every Hardgraft product has a calm aura and quiet confidence. Not attention grabbing, but it catches your eye”. 

    Founded by an Austrian and an English, Hardgraft was created in 2007 and is now based in Monaco. Kid you not, hard graft is an old English way to say hard work.

    Fashion, and that includes apparel and sneakers, is so vast that no one, literally no one, can keep up with the number of brands present in the market.

    After all, we try to do some of that for you. And trust us, not everything is about adidas and Nike. If you truly are a fashion lover, a connoisseur or just a mild enthusiast, you should know that there is much more than that.

    Soft Shoe Stuff by Hardgraft

    Hardgraft creates lifestyle accessories from tech-cases to leather goods, from travel bags do casual footwear and headwear. They have it all covered. Nonetheless, don’t you dare think that this is just another brand. On the contrary, their full range is Made in Italy.

    Fully obsessed with creating, whatever it may be, Hardgraft is known due to their detailing excellence.

    Moreover, every raw material and substance used during the creation process is sustainable and sourced, making sure that respect for manual craftsmanship is maintained. We’ve said it before: Details matter, don’t you think?

    Head over to their website and find out more.