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Vetements Shows Inclusiveness in Latest Collection

    vetements hoodie

    A challenge by Vetements

    In a video showing their “FW 2018” collection, Vetements challenges the restraints within their industry. They also pick certain looks and models here just to provoke a reaction of shock.

    Within that reaction, presumably, is a moment of reconsideration. In that regard, this is an impressive showing from Vetements.


    Any brand looking to survive and grow in fashion must also consider inclusion. The industry has a reputation for being very off-putting as well as hard to approach.

    But, in recent years, we see a shift towards a more positively inclined ideal within the industry. The result is the creation of a new standardizing question for every fashion house: are your wears exclusionary?

    The answer to this is particularly make-or-break. In response, Vetements latest collection shows inclusiveness. Check out the video for the rest of the looks in an interesting format.

    You can also learn more about the brand online and you can also buy some of their pieces at select stores like Ssense or Luisaviaroma.